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Ringland has extensive common land in the village including:  
Church Hill Common  
Ringland Hills
Hare Wash
Sheep Dip
River Green
Low Common
Permissions are needed from the Parish Council to exercise any rights on  Common Land other than access.

Following extensive investigations is transpires that historic 'Commoners Rights' no longer exist and a series of byelaws were introduced to help protect these areas of land for future generations:
To view in pdf Click Here Bye-Laws
Canoe & Boat Permit Application –  River Green Ringland

At the March 2012 Parish Council meeting it was agreed to introduce a Permit scheme on a trial basis which would permit an applicant to apply and subject to agreement of conditions, receive a Permit giving permission to launch/land a ‘boat’ from this area. This will apply to individuals only (not Groups) and shall not be required for children’s inflatables. The permit holder must be present when using the river.

Residents of Ringland may obtain a 12 month Permit at no charge. For those applicants residing outside of the village then a £5 charge applies for the 12 months.

For an application form please click here: Canoe & Boat permit

Grazing - Low Common Ringland
For an application form please click here: Low Common Grazing Rights Application