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Ordinary meetings of the Parish Council are normally held in Ringland Village Hall on the third Thursday in every odd month. The details of the next meeting are posted on the Home Page of the website and on the 2 village notice boards which are located on The Green and opposite the junction of The Street and Field Road. A copy is also placed on the board at the doorway of the Village Hall.
If there is business that requires more immediate attention than the scheduled ordinary meetings these will be advertised in the same manner.
Agendas and Minutes

Minutes shown in DRAFT format will be substituted for approved minutes following approval at the ordinary parish council meetings 
January                 Agenda                                                         Minutes
October            Agenda                                                   Minutes 

September        Agenda                                                             Minutes
August              Agenda                                                   Minutes

March               Agenda                                               Meeting cancelled   

January            Agenda                                                    Minutes


December         Agenda                                                    Minutes

November         Agenda                                                    Minutes

September        Agenda                                                    Minutes

July                      Agenda                                                              Minutes
May                  Agenda                                                    Minutes          
March               Agenda                                                    Minutes

February           Agenda                                                    Minutes

January               Agenda                                                              Minutes




Ringland Parish Council welcomes the public to its meetings. In fact by law members of the public must be admitted to all meetings of the full council and its committees. However, the law does not allow members of the public to take part in the debates.


This council, like many other parish and town councils in England and Wales, gives members of the public an opportunity to speak at some point during the meeting. We do this by temporarily adjourning the meeting this allows the public plus our District and County Councillors an opportunity to speak. It is important for you to study the agenda so that when the opportunity occurs you can make the best use of your time.


If you wish to raise a point which does not relate to an item on that evening’s agenda you are free to do so. However, the council’s discussion of the point might have to be delayed until a subsequent meeting as the council is unable to make a decision binding in law (this is particularly relevant to financial decisions) unless a specific item is included on the agenda.


Members of the council are always willing to discuss topics put forward by the public. Our agenda is prepared about a week before the next monthly council meeting so you will need to inform the Clerk or Chairman about ten days prior to the meeting. Although this might seem a long time in advance the council is required by law to publicise its agenda at least three clear days before each meeting, these days do not include the day of issue or the day of the meeting, Sundays, Bank Holidays or day appointed for a day of the Christmas or Easter break, thanksgiving or mourning.


We hope that you will find the meeting useful and if you have any queries please consult the Clerk to the Council - 

Mrs Nicola Ledain  

email parishclerk@ringlandparishcouncil.com


PLEASE NOTE: emails to this address and calls to this number are not regularly monitored. Please refer to the PARISH COUNCIL CONTACT INFORMATION page for alternative contact details.