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Councillors                                                                     Telephone                                                                     Email

Nick Adams  Chairman                      01603 860172 / 07720148226           cllr.nick.adams@ringlandparishcouncil.com

Mrs Jill Baker                                     N/A                                                  N/A  

Mrs Lindy Cooper Vice Chairman       01603 868486 / 07971776496           cllr.lindy.cooper@ringlandparishcouncil.com

Mrs Louise Cooper                              N/A                                                 cllr.lou.cooper@ringlandparishcouncil.com

Malcolm Turner                                  N/A                                                  cllr.malcolm.turner@ringlandparishcouncil.com



Clerk to the Council

Mrs Patricia Kirby
128 Fakenham Road
Taverham, Norwich

Email: parishclerk@ringlandparishcouncil.com
Tel:     01603 860671 (answer machine)

Emails to this address are not regularly monitored. Should the matter be important please use alternative contact details as above.

Register of Members' Interests
As required by central government legislation copies of members' declarations can be accessed from Broadland District Council website - www.broadland.gov.uk