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Laminating, B&W Photocoping and Fax facilities
If you have some basic requirements then the Parish Clerk can offer these facilities on a 48hr turnaround at a nominal cost to cover materials etc.
For details and request form please click here: Office Services
The Parish Council consists of seven people elected to represent the residents of Ringland.
Parish Councillors serve a four year term of office. A list of Councillors and how to contact them can be found on the Parish Councillor's page. The Council has a wide range of powers which essentially relate to local matters, such as looking after community buildings, open spaces and common land, planning applications and to overall manage the parish assets.
They have powers to create Bye-Laws to protect Parish land.     (See Bye-Law Page)  
They liaise with the Broadland District Council on various matters such as fly tipping, footpaths, trees, recycling bins, environmental issues, and also with the Police, Highways and other bodies.
The members all live within the Parish of Ringland and they give up their free time for the benefit of the village, not only to attend Parish meetings but to also attend meetings with the district council, police and other organisations.
They also do other work throughout the village such as cutting the grass on the village greens and churchyard and maintaining the common lands and the Village Hall (formerly The Reading Room).
Remember all this with no councillor receiving any payment for their services.
This saves the Parish money by not having to pay the cost of professionals or outside contractors and helps to keep the annual budget (Precept) as low as possible.
The Precept is the percentage of the annual council tax paid by each household within the Parish to the District Council, and is handed back to the Parish,  and is the budget which is needed for it's efficient running each year.  The precept is adjusted and set annually.
The cost to each household is shown on the District Council's annual Council Tax Bill under the heading Parish Council .