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Notices and other information is displayed on the notice boards on the Village Green, Village Hall and near the Church.  There is also a table within

the Church holding booklets and other information of interest to Parishioners.  The Church is open 10am - 4pm daily


Ringland Street Map

If you wish to see where all the houses are in Ringland then download this map:


Village 'Wombles'

Several people have kindly offered to help keep the village tidy by picking up litter. 

We are pleased that Broadland District Council and other groups have supplied us with bags, reflective vests and litter pickers.

These will be stored at 39 The Street.

Rubbish collected should be disposed through your green bin collection.

For any large fly tipping on the highway then this can be reported to Broadland District Council here.

In addition, some people have asked if they can keep a 'grabber' and bag in car boot - of course!!




WiSpire Broadband
Broadband coverage in Ringland is very variable.  WiSpire is a joint venture between the Diocese of Norwich and FreeClix to
use parish churches across the Diocese as the platform to deliver high speed reliable wireless broadband internet access to local communities
(especially to areas where current speeds are very poor), supporting both business and residential customers as well as the
potential for the delivery of other services.
The service is now installed in Ringland.  Please click here for more details about the scheme.  If you are interested
(with no obligation) then you can register this with the company.  
To register your interest  click here



There are recycling bins situated opposite The Swan Public House for Bottles and Papers
                                                  Please use them as the village receives payment for the recycling value.
Norfolk County Council Mobile Library Service.
Visits  on a Monday normally every three weeks.
The Swan Public House             13.50 to 14.05
The Church                              14.10 to 14.20



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