Minutes of meeting held Tuesday 15th January 2008


At the meeting held at the Reading Room Ringland the following Members were present:-

Mr N Adams (vice chair) Mrs J Baker

Mr C Ames Mr J Spinks

Mr D Sparkes Mr P Spinks

Mrs J Ames (Parish Clerk)

In attendance:- PC Steve Coe, Local police officer

Mr Simon Woodbridge Broadland DC

Members of Public present 13

The meeting was chaired by Mr N Adams (vice chair) the meeting commenced at 7.35pm.

008/01 Declarations of Interest.

No written or verbal declarations of interest were received.

008/02 Apologies for absence

Apologies were received from Mr G Crayson (chairman) due to Sickness.

008/03 Minutes

The minutes of the Meeting of the council held on Tuesday 20th November 2007 were agreed by all present and signed by the vice chair as true and correct.

008/04 Planning Applications

Application No 20071804- Demolition of single storey, and construction of Two Storey Extension at the rear., and Construction of front Porch at 15 the Street Ringland for Mr Black..

The members viewed the plans etc and have no objections, RPC approval submitted.

Mr K Morgan property owner of No 13 The Street Ringland voiced his concern over the extension blocking the light into his property. It was suggested that Mr Morgan should send his objections direct to Broadland DC. Planning dep’t.

008/05 S.N.A.P

This item being brought forward in the meeting as Pc Coe was required elsewhere on urgent police duties.

PC Steve Coe addressed the meeting explaining the function of the Safer Neighbourhood Action Panel (SNAP). He invited parishioners to a meeting to be held at the Reading Room on Wednesday 23rd January at 7pm.

Some Parishioners voiced concerns over large vehicles going over the Bridge and the speed of traffic through the village. PC Coe requested that parishioners attend the meeting to discuss this and any other issues.

008/06 Ringland Hills

Mr Ames addressed the meeting, updating on the progress of discussions with the Mountain Bikers/Skateboarders using the hills. Parishioners voiced disapproval on allowing the hills to be used in this way, as had Mr Gregory of 52 The Street who had sent an E-mail.

A prolonged discussion took place where it was asked if anyone could come up with a viable alternative, it was explained that to remove them completely from the hills could cost the Parish money. It was put to those present that it would be better to work with bona-fid clubs who would police the hills for litter and the less desirable element and usage.

There is an issue with what appear to be Motorcycles or Quad bikers. PC Coe was informed and will attempt to take appropriate measures to stop it.

It was decided that for the time being that the council should continue talking to the Bikers /skateboarders. With Mr Ames acting as the councils representative. He will keep members informed of progress in getting the Bikers/boarders to conform to requirements. Failure by them to comply would result in the demolition of the constructions and the barring of their activities upon the hills. 

Mr Ames explained that he and the Clerk had, had talks with the Broadland DC conservation offices and a charity organisation called the Wensum Valley Trust which could guide us to various grants that could allow us to re-create the plateau at the top of the hills as a grassed picnic area as well as maintaining the area for wildlife.

The issue of the Parishes liability if any one should be hurt by the activities was raised. The clerk to investigate.

008/07 Clerks Report

The Clerk updated members of any relevant activities or correspondence .

and a list of Expenditure and Receipts since the last meeting.

That a water Meter had now been installed at The reading Room.

That the telephone box at the green was now back in operation.

008/08 Free Weekend Skip

The Clerk informed the meeting of this and suggested that it would be a good idea. Concern was raised over “outsiders” dumping rubbish into it and any restrictions concerning what could be put into it. It was suggested by Mr Woodbridge that we could use the opportunity to have a communal village litter clearing exercise, especially with the “Fly Tipping” around the Top common it was also suggested to site the skip behind the Reading Room, making it less obvious and less likely to be used by passing motorists. The Clerk to contact BDC re restrictions.

008/09 Work on the Land owned by Mr Todd on Ringland Lane.

The Conservation officer from BDC had been in contact with the Clerk, asking if she new who was responsible.

Mr Woodbridge stated that this had now been checked by BDC and there was no problem. Clerk was asked to check with Stephen Chestney-Beales pointing out that it was an SSI. Site.

008/10 Precept Requirement 2008-2009

The setting of, and the need to increase the Precept, was discussed at length. Explanation was given as to how the Clerk reached the estimates put forward. The Parishioners present were given the opportunity to air their views. After discussions agreed unanimously that, the Precept needed to be increased considerably. The members felt that final decisions should be discussed later after the public had left.


008/11 Parishioners comments. Back Lane

A parishioner voiced concern over some apparent “fly tipping” along Back Lane. These appear to be some kind of broken slabs, which are in the middle of the pathway presenting a danger to walkers. The Clerk to investigate if any resident did this for a particular reason..



008/12 Parishioners comments Swan PH

It was pointed out that the PH was cleaning their kitchen out through the rear of the property, which resulted in grease, dirty water and waste being washed into the Street.

The Parishioner was not only concerned about the danger of this but also of the river being polluted by the water and waste that will run into it. Causing a hazard to the Birds and other wildlife. The Clerk will contact the relevant bodies to try to resolve this issue.

The meeting was closed to the public at 9.20pm for discussions by members in a closed meeting of the 2008-2009 Precept.

The Precept was discussed in more detail. All there options put forward by the Clerk were discussed and it was unanimously agreed and voted by all members present to set the Precept for 2008-2009 at £4357.00 being an increase of (147.69%) as set out as option 3/3 in the budget projection. Allowing for a contingency sum of £200 covering costs of Risk Assessments.

Next meeting of the Parish council set for Tuesday 19th February 2008

Meeting closed at 9.45pm